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Amazing Outdoor Classrooms!

Over the past couple of years, our Parents’ Association has worked hard to organise numerous fundraising events. All the money raised to date is being used to improve the outdoor areas in our school.

We are blessed to have beautiful gardens in St. Ursula’s and our plan is to create special outdoor areas that the children will benefit from both during play times and work times!

Last year, we commissioned a local community group to build outdoor kitchens, blackboards and tepees. We also installed a soft play surface in a section of the yard.

Recently, we took delivery of colourful outdoor benches which will be used to create an outdoor classroom and outdoor story area.

Special thanks to our Parents Association for organising all the fundraisers and huge thanks to all parents & guardians for supporting these events, your support is very important to us.

There’s more to come but here’s a peek at what has happened to date…

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