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Handwriting Competition 2022

Congratulations to all the girls who took part in this year's Hand writing competition.

The winners are...

  • Junior Infants-Deliah Sheridan (Ms Heylin)

  • Senior Infants- Kaya Curran (Mrs Dunphy)

  • First Class- Lorena Rocha (Mrs Williams)

  • Second Class- Ashling Sebastain ( Ms O'Connor)

  • Third Class - Chloe Howard (Ms Walsh)

  • Fourth Class - Stephanie Samson - Ms O Dohoerty

  • Fifth Class - Izabella Dzilna-( Ms Glynn)

  • Sixth Class- Lucy Colbert -(Ms Mc Sweeney)

Best Improvers are ....

  • Junior Infants - Ellen Moran, Grace Cleary, Maria Kreft

  • Senior Infants - Sivada Gireesh Nair, Hope Mc Donagh, Eva O'Sullivan

  • First Class- Liad Mulhula, Sophie Cleary, Maya Collins

  • Second Class - Lauren Connors, Alanna Kenny Ahearne, Imaan Khan

  • Third Class - Cara Walsh, Taylor Browne, Kim Spain

  • Fourth Class - Katelyn Kennedy Dunphy, Lily Rose Costine, Nadine O'Neill

  • Fifth Class - Taylor Grant, Olivia Idzikowska, Beth Mulhall, Leah Keane

  • Sixth Class - Sophie Deady, Isla O'Connor, Katie Smith, Caoimhe Roche

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