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Le Chéile Day 2022

On Friday April 8th we celebrated a very special day in St. Ursula's. As part of our Le Chéile celebrations, we held our first whole-school assembly in over 2 years!

'Unity in Diversity' was the theme for our day and being able to have all our pupils together to celebrate this was fantastic. We really do have a diverse community in St. Ursula's, with pupils from over 50 countries!! It was fabulous to see such a sea of colours as the children wore their county and country colours with such pride. It was also a great opportunity to welcome our new Ukrainian pupils to our school community.

Mrs. Howard wrote a beautiful poem to acknowledge the wonderful diversity in St. Ursula's:

Le Chéile

Some girls come from Africa, some girls come from Spain.

Look around this school, no two girls look the same.

God made us very special , in all colours shapes and sizes.

He loves us very much and what we need to realise is,

We come from lots of different countries-

Over 50 in this school!

We’re one big Ursuline family

Which we think is really cool.

You might celebrate Diwali, Eid or Christmas Day,

You might speak a different language,

But there’s one thing we all can say:

I can be your friend! Would you like to play?

A friendly school, that’s our rule.

Happy Le Chéile day!

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