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St. Ursula’s Primary School is a Catholic all-girls’ primary school based in Waterford city. We have a current enrolment of over 700 pupils in 26 mainstream classes and a staff of over 40 teachers and Special Need Assistants.

The School is situated in the beautiful gardens and surrounds of the Ursuline Convent. It is spread over 3 buildings and consists of 26 mainstream classrooms, 9 resource rooms, a sensory room, a large school hall, a sports equipment room, a library, 3 offices and a kitchen/staff room.

St. Ursula’s is wheelchair accessible, with 6 ramps and 2 lifts. All classrooms are fitted with Interactive Whiteboards and laptops, with many classrooms having the additional benefit of visualisers.

The school library was rebuilt and restocked in 2015. The Merici Library is well worth a visit and is the envy of other schools! In addition to our beautiful school grounds, St. Ursula's also has a vegetable garden, a greenhouse, and a workshop.

St. Ursula’s has a basketball court, as well as occasional access to St. Angela's Secondary School hockey and soccer pitches.

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St. Ursula’s is a Catholic school which aims to nurture and cherish the uniqueness of each individual and develop her full potential, while respecting the religion and culture of all.

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As an Ursuline School, St. Ursula's strives to foster a school community where Christian values are lived and taught. Accordingly, religious instruction, liturgical services and prayer are part of the daily life of the school. The school offers opportunities for open communication so that both parents and school can work together to ensure the holistic development of the child.
The children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning and to develop the talents and gifts unique to each one. The school prides itself on its focus on the individual pupil and specialist staff provide learning support for pupils with specific learning difficulties. The more gifted pupils are equally encouraged to ensure they reach their full potential.
The school encourages the children to show respect at all times, for themselves and others and for the environment and to be active members of the school community. Talent and achievement are celebrated at weekly Assembly.

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In St. Ursula’s, we have a very dedicated, hardworking, energetic staff who are committed to the welfare of our pupils. The staff provide a broad range of learning experiences in a safe, supportive, caring environment. We also offer many extra-curricular activities that are greatly enjoyed by our girls.  As a team, we work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for all pupils so they can reach their full potential.

Staff members 2021-2022

Board of Management 2019-2023

We are really proud in St. Ursula’s to have a vibrant Parents’ Association who work closely with us to ensure the best opportunities for all children in our school. They regularly organise events to raise extra funds for additional school activities. Their annual fundraisers include cake sales; Christmas raffles; bingo nights; the ever popular discos and this year, for the first time ever, a school calendar. All funds raised go towards funding extra activities and resources that all pupils benefit from. This year, our focus is on improving our playground areas and we look forward to working with our P.A. on this.  

Parents' Association 2020-2021

ABOUT: Our Mission
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Since the Ursuline Sisters arrived in Ireland in 1771, they have been involved in the work of education, from Primary through Secondary and on to Third Level.The first Ursuline primary and second level schools were founded in Blackrock, Cork.  From there, Sisters travelled to open schools in Thurles and Cork City.  Communities founded in Waterford and Sligo were to add primary, second and third level centres of Ursuline education.  Junior and secondary schools in Cabinteely, Dublin followed.

Sr June Fennelly is Education Officer for Ursuline Schools in Ireland. She has had the responsibility of bringing Ursuline Schools under the umbrella of the Le Cheile Trust, which exists to protect and promote the heritage of Christian education in Ireland.

Life in St. Ursula’s is guided by the Touchstones of Ursuline Education – a personal relationship with God; the holistic development of each individual; the dignity and uniqueness of each person; the importance of courtesy and kindness; the fostering of courage and confidence; and the encouraging of a caring & respectful attitude towards self, others and the environment.  

For more information on the Ursuline Sisters see here

St. Angela Merici was the foundress of the Ursuline Order, and she chose St. Ursula as the Patron Saint of the Ursulines. Click on the buttons below to read more about St. Angela and St. Ursula.

ABOUT: About Us


St. Ursula’s Primary School has a great history of liturgy and takes great pride in its strong connections with the Sacred Heart Parish. All the priests of the parish are welcome visitors to the school. Fr. Gerry Chestnutt is the chairperson of our Board of Management and is an almost daily visitor to the school where he is warmly received by both staff and pupils alike.

​St. Ursula’s Primary School places great importance on the preparation of our pupils for the Sacraments. During their time in our school, children are prepared for the Sacrament of First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Our dedicated staff put great time and effort into making these Sacraments very special experiences for the pupils.

Children celebrating their First Communion take part in  the very successful Grapevine programme. This is a parish-based programme of preparation for First Communion centred in the parish celebration of the Sunday Eucharist and in the home. The programme is designed to facilitate the active involvement of parents, families and parishes in the preparation for the sacrament. It complements and supports the work of sacramental preparation in the school.

First Holy Communion takes place in May each year.

Confirmation is a parish celebration and we share the celebration of this Sacrament with the boys’ school in our parish, Scoil Lorcáin . Confirmation also takes place in May each year.

Children celebrating their Confirmation also take part in a very successful parish-based programme of preparation called Dovetails. This too is centred in the parish celebration of the Sunday Eucharist and in the home. The programme is designed to facilitate the active involvement of parents, families and parish in the preparation for the sacrament. It complements and supports the work of sacramental preparation in the school.

Each year, in October, pupils from first to sixth class attend the St. Ursula’s day mass in the Church. This is a beautiful liturgy to celebrate the anniversary of our patron saint St. Ursula and includes singing, instrumental pieces and the traditional school ‘Peace Dance’.

St. Ursula’s play a significant role in the annual parish Carol Service with pupils from third to sixth re-enacting the birth of Jesus through drama, song and dance.

Pupils also visit the church throughout the year for penance services, church visits, enrolment ceremonies and lots of other celebrations.

Visit the Parish website here

ABOUT: Our Mission
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