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The wellbeing of both students and staff is very important to us in St. Ursula's. This year we are applying for an Amber Flag, to recognise the steps we are taking in the school to ensure the wellbeing of all. We have a dedicated Online Wellbeing Space which is a fantastic resource to support students and their families. Check it out here!

Each week we have a 'Positive Quote for the Week' which focuses on kindness and gratitude, and promotes our Ursuline Ethos and Vision. Every class has a gratitude jar, where students can place notes about things they are grateful for. We have a dedicated Wellbeing Wall where students can hang notes highlighting things that bring them joy.  

Every day, there is dedicated time for a 'Mindful Moment', where students and staff take some time out of the busy day to listen to quiet music and be mindful. 

St. Ursula's Wellbeing Week is an important part of our annual calendar. Students, parents and staff are encouraged to join in the many activities that are organised, such as outdoor walks, coffee mornings, and exercise classes.

The Sensory Room is a fantastic facility which greatly enhances the wellbeing of our students with additional needs. Students have supervised access to the Sensory Room when they need some quiet time, or when they are finding the classroom environment overwhelming.

Read the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework Policy here.

WELLBEING: Activities
WELLBEING: Activities
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