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Attendance Drive 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here in St. Ursula’s we recognise that good attendance in school is essential. Recently, the children have been busy having discussions about the importance of good attendance and have been busy designing posters to promote this – they have come up with some wonderful ideas!

This week, we are running an “Attendance Drive” in St. Ursula’s in conjunction with Tusla’s initiative “Every School Day Counts”. It will run for 3 weeks until Friday 2nd of December.

The children have all received a Bookmark (designed by Mary one of our 5th class girls!). During the 3 weeks of the Attendance Drive, the children will get a sticker/stamp every day to mark their presence in school. We will be comparing our numbers with the same period last year and will keep you posted on our findings.

In general, attendance in St. Ursula’s is very good for most pupils but we would like you to make a special effort for your child to attend every day for these three weeks as we’re on a mission to beat last year’s record!! Of course, as ever, if your child is sick she needs to stay at home (please remember to log her absence on Aladdin).

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