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Barnardos Support for Parents

Barnardos has launched a national telephone support service for parents in response to the challenges they are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. This service will be staffed by Barnardos project workers who are trained professionals.

The government’s response to Covid-19 has meant that normal routines and sources of support are currently unavailable to many families.

Through theirr dedicated telephone support service Barnardos staff can provide support and advice to parents on the following issues:

  • How to talk to your children about the corona virus

  • Setting a good routine

  • Managing children’s behaviours and sibling dynamics

  • Managing aggression and family discord

  • Home schooling/managing school expectations.

  • Fostering natural learning opportunities in the home

  • Healthy eating

  • Accessing fun and educational activities for families and individual children

  • Managing your child’s worries

  • Self-care for parents

  • Helping parents manage their own worries and anxieties

  • Managing children’s online activity

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