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Changes to Covid Response Plan

As you will have heard in the media, many of the restrictions that have been in place in schools are being lifted this Monday February 28th. The following changes come into effect in St. Ursula’s:

  • It is no longer a requirement for staff or pupils to wear a face covering/mask in school. However, staff and pupils can continue to wear a face mask if they wish.

  • We are no longer required to maintain class pods and bubbles in schools – this will allow us greater freedom with school activities.

The following arrangements will remain in place;

  • If children are unwell, it is very important that they do not attend school. All absences can be explained by emailing the class teacher directly.

  • Hand hygiene remains very important, hand sanitiser will continue to be available at all entry points to the school and in all classrooms.

  • Enhanced cleaning will continue in our school on a daily basis.

  • Staggered start and finish times will remain in place.

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