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Congratulations to all the winners in our Sock Puppet Challenge, and well done to everybody who took part. Once again the standard was very high. The prizes will be posted out next week. Next week's challenge is an Egg Carton Challenge. Entries close on May 27th at 2pm.

Check out all the amazing Sock Puppets here


1st Maja Kowalczk Butterfly and Princess

2nd Katie Haley Giraffe

3rd Clodagh Condon Leaf Puppet

1st-3rd Class

1st Joanna Byik Cat

2nd Taylor Tobin Octopus

3rd Mya Cahill Bowie

4th-6th Class

1st Amber Dunphy Doctor and Patient

2nd Molly Lacey Harry Potter

3rd Willow Donnelly Larry Llama

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