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First Light Remembrance Ceremony

Updated: May 22

A big thank you to all who donated to our First Light fundraiser, in memory of Bonnie Fox. We remembered Baby Bonnie, Evie's sister, in a special way on Tuesday June 1st, her 5 month anniversary. We welcomed Bonnie's family to the garden. We all dressed in white and Evie released a balloon. We planted Forget Me Nots in our Remembrance Garden. ​ We also welcomed Niamh Byrne's family. Niamh is in Miss Ryan's Junior Infants. We remembered her brother Micheál who died when he was a little boy in Junior Infants. Niamh released a balloon for Micheál and she also planted Forget Me Not seeds. Peter, Niamh's brother painted a lovely stone for the Remembrance Garden with two trees on for Bonnie and one for Micheál. All our Junior Infants sang Love Shine a Light and the sun shone down on us as we celebrated the lives of these two very special people.

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