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First Light Remembrance Ceremony

Updated: May 22, 2023

A big thank you to all who donated to our First Light fundraiser, in memory of Bonnie Fox. We remembered Baby Bonnie, Evie's sister, in a special way on Tuesday June 1st, her 5 month anniversary. We welcomed Bonnie's family to the garden. We all dressed in white and Evie released a balloon. We planted Forget Me Nots in our Remembrance Garden. We also welcomed Niamh Byrne's family. Niamh is in Miss Ryan's Junior Infants. We remembered her brother Micheál who died when he was a little boy in Junior Infants. Niamh released a balloon for Micheál and she also planted Forget Me Not seeds. Peter, Niamh's brother painted a lovely stone for the Remembrance Garden with two trees on for Bonnie and one for Micheál. All our Junior Infants sang Love Shine a Light and the sun shone down on us as we celebrated the lives of these two very special people.

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