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New Maths Curriculum

This year sees the nationwide introduction of a new Primary Maths Curriculum. While it doesn't change much of what the children learn, it puts a stronger emphasis on how the children learn. Learning through play, problem solving and using cognitively challenging tasks are just some of the elements being promoted. Additionally, it emphasises the importance of children seeing maths as being relevant and useful in their everyday lives. 

To enable the roll-out of this new curriculum, schools are granted one full-day in-service seminar this year, to give teachers the opportunity to explore the new curriculum and discuss how it will be introduced and implemented in their school. St. Ursula's had their in-service day on April 17th and it was a very productive day, with lots of suggestions for how we can begin introducing the new curriculum next year. Further information on the new Primary Maths Curriculum can be found here

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