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Safer Internet Day 2022

Today is Safer Internet Day. We have been hosting some competitions in school to promote safer use of the internet. We will be encouraging children to think carefully about their online behaviour.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in inappropriate online behaviour. At times this activity happens at home while the children are on their devices. However, the after-effects of the conversations can spill over into school. Hurtful online comments and conversations can cause lots of problems and upset for children.

This week we are asking children to THINK about what they say/write:

T - is it true?

H - is it helpful?

I - is it inspiring?

N - is it necessary?

K - is it kind?

It would be great if parents and guardians could reinforce this message at home. We encourage everyone to be vigilant of their daughter's online behaviour and regularly talk to them about internet safety. Click here to find some useful resources for parents and students.

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